May 2017

Stone only handmade: the “Piera Dolza”

“Piera Dolza” is a local stone, which comes to life in architecture by creating extraordinary environments. Worked exclusively by hand, it’s a wonderful material, that is about 90 million years old, which becomes the soul of an environment that only a “living” material can bring to life. We recently visited a warehouse-showroom of truly unique natural stones, including “Piera Dolza”, that were shown and described. Resulting in a selection conducted in great detail and craftsmanship of the numerous types of... View Article

April 2017

Stone: a contemporary decor

Stone is one of the noble materials that for millions of years has been used as an element in furniture as well as in architecture. Agora offers a natural material to “live” inside and outside the house, with different shapes and workmanship, designed to enrich the environment. Stone, an element of nature, always gives us tactile emotions. Contact with hands and feet brings out unique and unparalleled emotions; visibly preserved in millennia of layers and natural formations, it sometimes includes... View Article

March 2017

Outdoor home: fluent well-being

Today more than ever there’s emerging a new need: to live “fluently” where the inside merges with the outside and vice versa. The clear boundaries between indoor and outdoor are progressively decreasing; spaces are linked, functions expanded. A winter garden in the living room, a lounge on the terrace, an outdoor/relaxation area adjacent to the bedroom … outside environments become continuous with the rest of the house, without separations. The outdoors is the new territory to explore, discover and redesign.... View Article

February 2017

Heat the house with design:

thermo furniture with artistic forms

Charming, colorful and original forms: the new thermo furnishing which decorates the house like a piece of furniture, an object of high design that replaces old radiators or classic heating pumps. Thanks to new technologies and the ingenuity of designers, thermo furnishing have become a true art form and can be included in environments with differing styles. It might seem like a sculpture or a radiating installation that turns into an object of contemporary design or in other instances its... View Article

January 2017

Renovation of Nardini Spirits Company in Bassano del Grappa

The Nardini Spirits Company in Piazza Giardino 9 has always been one of the most popular historical places visited in Bassano.   We are very proud to say that we are now renovating the bar and a small traditional restaurant will be opened. Angora’ and Home+ have undertaken renovation work for the Nardini family in the past and we have been asked once again for this project.  It is a great honour and this shows the trust the family has for... View Article

December 2016

50s Colours Event for L’Agorà

A marvellous event was held for L’Angora’ and Home+ on 1st December 2016.  The theme was the 50s: elegance and rockabilly years. Colours, materials, fabrics plus the feel and excitement of that era were displayed and highlighted! We were very happy to welcome our guests in our “1950s” showroom! The pleasure of being together and the refreshing updating of the 50s style… We would sincerely like to thank our many friends who participated and warmly demonstrated their enthusiasm. A marvellous event... View Article

November 2016

Penthouse in Romania: super attic at Iasi

The term penthouse refers to a large apartment on the highest floor of a prestigious apartment building or Skyscraper A penthouse differs from a normal attic because it has exclusive services and is particularly luxurious. We are working on a 540sqm private penthouse in Iasi. It is a Romanian city, renowned for its cultural aspects and entertainment. The city is quickly expanding as it is in the running for the European Cultural Capital 2020. The following is a presentation of... View Article

October 2016

Cersaie and surrounds 2016: new proposals and innovations PART TWO

We are feeling enthusiastic: just returned from few stimulating days at L’Agora’MORE NEWS FROM THE CERSAIE TRADE FAIR  Marble, to be shaped and modelled the way that only Italians know how to.. coordinated with Glass to create a shower wall. Stone and stainless steel to match like fabric, to be used as a private area or makeup table for ladies. Innovation, Artisan craftwork, design.. Made in Italy. The metals, wisely shaped by our master artisans, bring life to exciting works... View Article

October 2016

Certain and surrounds 2016, new proposals and innovations PART ONE

At Cersaie between visits to trade fairs and meetings with companies, we have stocked up on stimulating innovations. Here is a brief rundown of the most inspiring ones.   THIS IS WHAT WE LIKED AT THE CERSAIE TRADE FAIR   Designs and creative proposals return to the past with traditional shapes/forms: the quest for new materials, styles, simplicity materiality.    

September 2016

Details of a charming B&B:

truly natural comfort and well-being

We publish the completion of works of this stunning B&B. The “Dolce Colle” is situated on a promontory ridge of the Montello in the province of Treviso. From its wonderful position, you can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view. The first part of the construction was completed in 2008 with the inclusion of key features, which distinctively characterized the tradition of our old-fashioned rural homes.   The proprietors also strongly desired to provide a warm and cozy atmosphere and this was achieved... View Article