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May 2017

Stone only handmade: the “Piera Dolza”

“Piera Dolza” is a local stone, which comes to life in architecture by creating extraordinary environments. Worked exclusively by hand, it’s a wonderful material, that is about 90 million years old, which becomes the soul of an environment that only a “living” material can bring to life.

We recently visited a warehouse-showroom of truly unique natural stones, including “Piera Dolza”, that were shown and described.

Resulting in a selection conducted in great detail and craftsmanship of the numerous types of materials that nature has to offer, these “limited editions” arise from a rigorous search of the chromatic nuances of fossilizations, compositions and shapes of natural stones.

They are ideal for unique projects of stone architecture, creating floors in stone and stone cladding of considerable aesthetic value for distinctive and exclusive spaces.

For centuries, natural stone has been essential in building, today it has been rediscovered for its great ability to endow environments, indoors or outdoors, a natural or well-being quality.


We at Agora offer natural stone to “live” inside and outside the house, with different shapes and finishes.

Our talented local artisans, here in the land of Canova, work the stone masterfully managing to create great value to living and work spaces.

Natural stone is a living element that we propose in our projects for its warmth: ethereal beauty and timeless contemporary emotions.