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February 2017

Heat the house with design:

thermo furniture with artistic forms

Charming, colorful and original forms: the new thermo furnishing which decorates the house like a piece of furniture, an object of high design that replaces old radiators or classic heating pumps.

Thanks to new technologies and the ingenuity of designers, thermo furnishing have become a true art form and can be included in environments with differing styles. It might seem like a sculpture or a radiating installation that turns into an object of contemporary design or in other instances its lines intertwine creating a scenographic ambience.

The design becomes a distinguished feature of the thermo furnishing conceived not only as a radiator; but an expression of form-comfort-wellbeing, with the objective being, the aesthetic pleasures of modern living.

If we think about the recent history of radiators it is easy to recall the classic white cast iron radiators, with their bulky and overweight size. The object that was once only functional, has now become the most engaging concept for creative designers and a must for successful interior design.

Home fashion like clothes fashion is evolving.

The thermo radiators in ceramic, aluminum, steel, wood, stone veneer or upholstered in ecoplaster are like a painting, it’s pure modern art of hydraulics and architecture.





Modern radiators are innovative both in form and size.

The manufacturers catalogues, are characterized by different expressive forces.

Inspired by the moon, nature, the universe, volcanoes, light, wrinkled fabric, and using special inks resistant to high temperatures, natural pigments, stone veneer or stainless steel panels, some designers express with great success, a new concept of heater.

Serpentine shapes distinguish the radiator Milan Tubs: a free-standing radiator, characterized by a sinuous and sculptural body available in white and a new transparent painted steel finish.

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