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April 2017

Stone: a contemporary decor

Stone is one of the noble materials that for millions of years has been used as an element in furniture as well as in architecture.

Agora offers a natural material to “live” inside and outside the house, with different shapes and workmanship, designed to enrich the environment.

Stone, an element of nature, always gives us tactile emotions.

Contact with hands and feet brings out unique and unparalleled emotions; visibly preserved in millennia of layers and natural formations, it sometimes includes traces of life from ancient seas, plants or animals.

Our talented artisans work the stone with skill even managing to assemble stone and wood flooring and furnishings of great originality. Stone is combined with floor and wall tiles, it elegantly converges on brick walls and becomes an element of “character” detail to plaster.

It is a material that never grows old, which remains timeless; Each stone is unique and every type has many variations.

With stone you can furnish in a contemporary way that adds value to living and work spaces.

We customize our products with craftsmanship and details that enrich and transform surfaces.


Stone is a living element that we offer it in our projects for warmth, emotion, ethereal beauty and modernity.



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