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spaces that excite

For us here at AGORA matter of living is the spirit of a space, artfully created with materials and finishes; walking barefoot in it to enjoy complete contact and feel the positive vibrations; experiencing it first-hand and feeling its warmth; perusing the details in the skilled craft work that personalises it in a unique and bespoke manner.

We place particular emphasis on timeless design and offer materials that allow the designer and interior designer stylistic freedom, while offering the client the best for their dwelling: surfaces, bathrooms, swimming pools, wellness zones and spas and natural, bio-based materials and furniture.

Constantly up-to-date on technologies, innovations and product design, we advise clients and professionals with competence and foresight.

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AGORA has an open line of communication with qualified Italian and international professionals.

We work alongside those who are fervently looking for tasteful customisation of their home spaces.

We support clients in their choices with a view to embracing the spirit of a space, understanding its materials and finishes.

Walking across it barefoot to feel its wellness and positive vibrations; experiencing it first-hand, knowing that it has been chosen and personalised in a unique and bespoke manner.

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materials and solutions

Every day AGORA is fully involved in actually creating and conveying a product culture, in developing new and perceptive design ideas.

We undertake housing projects and contract work in which the appropriate technical knowledge is combined with high architectural performance

Technological innovation, sustainability and a quest for aesthetic quality are key elements behind the selection of materials and the solutions that we recommend. The meticulous research into the materials selected and guaranteed by AGORA, however, goes even further than this with a view to providing the highest level of support also for on-site work.

The recycling of natural building materials: stone, wood and terracotta – seamless surfaces: ecomalta resins, ultra-thin cement, terra plus – bio-based surfaces: rammed earth, limes, pastellone (marble powder and lime mix), stone worked without acids, natural woods with vegetable oil finishes, handcrafted terracotta tiles – industrial building materials: mosaic tiles, cementina tiles, ceramic tiles, Corian, glass and metals.

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design and installation of branded products

In bathroom and wellness areas, we offer bespoke projects using innovative materials while studying “the art of good living” in detail, for taking care of body and soul.

We create comfortable, visually inspired environments that interpret the needs of each client, using state-of-the-art techniques and materials.

We operate in partnership with the elite of Italian and international brands, specialising in bathrooms, wellness zones and surfaces. We are fully up to speed on the latest technologies, innovations and product design of home spa-bathroom-wellness spaces and we advise clients/professionals with competence and foresight on wellness zones, spas and bathrooms, surface treatments and indoor or outdoor swimming pools and mini pools.

Bathrooms: home wellness areas, bath tubs and showers, bathroom design accessories, custom built furniture and environments personalised from the standpoint of materials and finishes – the solutions: – steel and brass bathroom fittings with various finishes, heated towel racks and radiators – swimming pool surfaces whether indoor and outdoor – professional wellness centres and spas.

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aree benessere piscine
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sustainability – natural materials

AGORA invites an exchange of opinions regarding techniques and materials, with particular attention paid to those used in bio-building projects, stimulating active feedback from partners, designers, craftsmen and companies promoting sustainable manufacturing. This serves to guarantee enhanced safety and a healthier environment for the projects submitted to the end client.

Bio-based natural materials: rammed earth and limes, stones and woods with natural seals and finishes.

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AGORA, the showroom-workshop, nestling in the beautiful Asolo countryside, is a hub attracting outstanding expertise, where master craftsmanship has been passed on from the times of Canova and which, today, embraces current and contemporary materials and solutions.

At AGORA, we bring together craftsmen who are experts in handcrafting materials to enhance their qualities so that only the best results are achieved.

lavorazioni artigianali agorà
lavorazioni artigianali agorà


design installation building sites

Research and sharing of knowledge amongst AGORA staff, specialist craft trades and design professionals; experience driven by curiosity, experiments and use of increasingly innovative materials ensures the feasibility of state-of-the-art design projects created by us here at AGORA.

We are the single, reliable interface for our clients. We are able to guarantee our work thanks to planning and technical expertise. To achieve this we work together with highly qualified professionals, technical operators and craftsmen. When solutions and materials are technologically advanced, laying, installing and testing require a high level of preparation.

We select craftsmen and technical operators prepared through specific training courses for on-site installation.

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