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October 2016

Cersaie and surrounds 2016: new proposals and innovations PART TWO

We are feeling enthusiastic: just returned from few stimulating days at L’Agora’MORE NEWS FROM THE CERSAIE TRADE FAIR 

Marble, to be shaped and modelled the way that only Italians know how to.. coordinated with Glass to create a shower wall. Stone and stainless steel to match like fabric, to be used as a private area or makeup table for ladies.

Innovation, Artisan craftwork, design.. Made in Italy.


The metals, wisely shaped by our master artisans, bring life to exciting works of art,  reflecting the soul..

The Veneto area (Treviso) provides innovation at Cersaie 2016.
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Innovation: this is the NUMBER ONE word for our magnificent Italian companies, envied worldwide.

At Cersaie the bathroom design has as floating, ethereal and sinuous theme. This design is luxurious but also simply perfect a for a home with a soul..

How to choose refined luxury design? Search for natural materiality.

Innovation in bathroom design, 2016-2017.img-20161003-wa0135img-20161003-wa0143img-20161003-wa0107img-20161003-wa0106img-20161003-wa0105img-20161003-wa0104img-20161003-wa0097img-20161003-wa0095

Bathroom designs from new Made in Italy brands.


So many different styles at Cersaie:


Light and young, fresh and dynamic, Classic and a little Baroque

The versatility and wisdom of our Master Artisans has no limits.

Style and products of Made in Italy design in every detail of the bathroom habitat.



We are feeling enthusiastic: just returned from few stimulating days at L’Agorà.