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September 2016

Details of a charming B&B:

truly natural comfort and well-being

We publish the completion of works of this stunning B&B.

The “Dolce Colle” is situated on a promontory ridge of the Montello in the province of Treviso. From its wonderful position, you can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view. The first part of the construction was completed in 2008 with the inclusion of key features, which distinctively characterized the tradition of our old-fashioned rural homes.   The proprietors also strongly desired to provide a warm and cozy atmosphere and this was achieved with great skill by using natural handmade materials, similar to those used in past eras. These works are now completed.

Stone and wood:

Contemporary style and “old style” mix harmoniously just like stone and wood, ageless materials.

Stone, mainly quartzite and slate are used in many bathrooms.   A dream bathroom in English style has been created in the suite; very English styled original taps, English style cast iron bath tub, slate pavements and coverings.

Alternative stone types have been chosen to suit other more modern and contemporary styled rooms. In other rooms, the main feature is the reclaimed wood, traditionally used both as flooring and as covering. This feature is an extraordinary highlight in the bedrooms.

A country atmosphere is perfectly obtained by the warmth and welcoming charm of the B&B, providing a truly natural comfort and well-being.


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